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Welcome to Loudoun County Public Schools Health Care
and Dependent Care Flexible Benefits Website
LCPS is proud to partner with CompuSys/Erisa to offer LCPS employees a Flexible Benefit Program, which allows you to pay for eligible Health and Dependent Care expenses on a pre-tax basis.

By setting aside money in these accounts you will reduce your taxable income, providing you and your family more value for your dollar. These funds are not taxed at the time of distribution. It is a permanent tax savings.

Participation in these programs is of course voluntary. Setting up either or both the Health Care or Dependent Care Accounts can provide tax advantages that your tax advisor may confirm and explain for you.

A Flexible Benefit Account can save you money by using pre-tax dollars, but it requires careful planning, because any amount that you have elected to contribute for which eligible expenses are not incurred by the end of the plan year will be forfeited.

If you have any questions regarding this communication please contact CompuSys/Erisa at (800)933-7472 or flex@cserisa.com.
 By CompuSys/Erisa Group of Companies (Copyright 2008/10)